LOGO Expressive Elf Ears

   mesh head: LOGO Alex v3.0 Omega  @Mainstore NEW
skin applier: Glam Affair - Logo Applier - Sia - ( America ) 03
mesh body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara @Mainstore
face moles: [LF] Beauty Moles II @Marketplace
body freckles: Izzie's - Maitreya Lara - Applier Body Freckles @Marketplace
 hairTRUTH HAIR Louisa @Mainstore 
ears: LOGO Expressive Elf Ears - Alex Sm @Mainstore NEW
shirt: {Reverie} 'Serena' Shirt - Beige - Maitreya @Uber NEW
skirt: {Reverie} 'Serena'  Skirt - Beige - Maitreya @Uber NEW

LOGO Expressive Elf Ears

These come with various versions to provide you with the most flexibility.


If you own one of the LOGO heads the ears are designed to work seamlessly with your existing expressions.  These versions have the avatar name at the end and respond to any changes in expression.  (Please note that because the expressions are split between the top half of the face and bottom half the ears will follow only the mouth expression changes or whole face expression changes.  If you change only the eyes the ears will not change position.)   The LOGO head versions are rigged and cannot be repositioned or resized.

These come in 2 sizes, large and small.


The Stand Alone version can be used with any head or system avatar.  The Stand Alone version uses it's own expression HUD which allows you pick from 12 different ear positions.  You can still use this version with your LOGO avatars if you want to control your ear movements separately from the head.  The Stand Alone version is rigged and cannot be repositioned or resized.

These come in 2 sizes, large and small.


This version of the ears comes with a separate left and right side and CAN be moved and resized if you wish.  You can still control the expressions with the Stand Alone Expressions HUD however THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT:  when resizing or moving the ears you need to edit the entire object!  We HIGHLY recommend you DO NOT edit individual ears, this is important so that the expressions all look correct after you edit them.

These only come in 1 size as you can resize them to your liking.

Please note that due to the way SL handles rigged vs non-rigged items the non-rigged versions of the ears have a much higher avatar render weight than the rigged versions.



We include 15 different base textures for you to use.  10 of the textures match the LOGO avatar skin tones.  The other 5 give you a few different options you can tint to match your skins.

Tinting the ears can be done with the right side of the HUD.  To store a color click on a swatch at the bottom and hold for a few seconds until the color is applied to the swatch.

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