This Is The Way We Go To School

hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Sugar Rush Mesh Hair - Gingerbread
outfit: {LPP} Preppy Doll - *Yellow*
backpack: <:*BoOgErS*:> Toddler Tether  BBMoon @MIX Event NEW
Toddler Tethers! Wear it as an adult and allow your friends to drag you around and TP you when you need to AFK. Where it as a Kid to RP with your family. Lots of Fun Colorful Choices! Each sold separately. Scripted by Kei the maker of Parent's Lil' Helper, the original Family RP Hud.

Autumn Decor: Sari-Sari - Autumn @The Seasons Story NEW Coming soon 

Sari-Sari - Extra Logs
Sari-Sari - Picnic Basket
Sari-Sari - Pumpkin Cart

books bag: 9ty Books Sweety Bag <3
lunchbox: <:*BoOgErS*:> LunchBox Lil' Monsters @Mainstore
books: *tentacio* Summer evening - books @Mainstore 
bicycle: *tentacio* Summer evening - bicycle 4 @Mainstore
scene: DRD studios set street  @Mainstore

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