My Bedroom

Bed: *windsong. ; gretchen's shabby bed @The House Hunt NEW
Lamp and stool: Serenity Style- Wooden Lamp @Fantasy Room NEW
cucu: Serenity Style- Cucu Clock @The Chapter Four NEW
puf: Serenity Style-Suitcase Puf @The Chapter Four NEW
side table: {what next} Winter Harvest Side Table @Mainstore 
heart lamp: *windsong. ; neon heart wall lamp @Woodlands  NEW
wood chocolates: Serenity Style-Sweet Wood @The Chapter Four NEW
frame: Serenity Style- Love Window @With Love Fair / feb 6 NEW
breakfast tray: dust bunny & windsong . ; valentines tray @The Chapter Four NEW
cup: *windsong. ; happy mocha @Woodlands  NEW
pens:*windsong. ; you da star pen @Woodlands  NEW
ruler:*windsong. ; mew ruler @Woodlands  NEW
carta: *windsong. ; my bff rocks scribble @Woodlands  NEW
pewpads: *windsong. ; happy pewpads @Woodlands  NEW
stairs: Serenity Style- Love Ladder @With Love Fair / feb 6 NEW

Poses: Bounce This Poses - Raven @TDRF NEW

Besis ;)

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